The digital can printing solution offered by Solucan is a simple and practical way of enhancing the quality of your packaging. Using a technology unlike any other in North America, our printing process has many advantages, including:

- Digital CMYK printing
- Thin layer of scratch-proof ink
- Fully customizable printing per can
- Control over repeatability

Our packaging

Solucan provides a unique service: can printing in small quantities.

This makes the use of this packaging easier and more affordable. But “easier” doesn’t mean less stringent production practices. On the contrary. At Solucan, we always prioritize health standards, even with small runs. That’s why Solucan chose to have its manufacturing processes meet Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards in order to minimize the risk of contamination in its finished products. Good manufacturing practices are now part of our day-to-day operations, just like our printing quality and service.

Comparative table

Dry offset, self-adhesive labels, UV inks and shrink sleeves. Several printing techniques exist on the market, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. Comparing the impact and cost of each of these techniques will help you find your way in the world of can printing. We believe that after looking at the chart below, you’ll consider Solucan regardless of your business objectives, corporate values or business situation. It’s simple—we’re convinced that our process is your best ally when it comes to superior printing in flexible quantities.

International services

Doing business with Solucan means working with experienced printers who are aware of export procedures. Shipping a batch of cans from the other side of the border requires no more effort on the part of our foreign customers than that required of our local customers. They are all entitled to the same customer experience, regardless of where they are located.

  1. Systems for real-time shipment monitoring and tracking
  2. Canadian and U.S. Customs brokerage services
  3. Internal training in export practices and standards for employees
  4. Invoicing possible in different currencies: CAD, USD and GBP

Sustainability commitment

Solucan’s digital can printing isn’t just a superior choice when it comes to printing quality. It’s also a green choice in terms of the environmental impact of marketed products. Our printing process involves no plastic, adhesives or waste, as it operates in a closed circuit. The cans printed by Solucan are entirely recyclable and use only a thin layer of food-grade approved ink (<1 micron). The choice of our technology is our commitment to sustainability—to reducing our environmental footprint one can at a time.

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